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Lord Rustless (Ronnie Barker) is an elderly peer living in his ancestral home, Chrome Hall.

His most distinctive features are his white bushy eyebrows, the ever-present cigar and his constant obsession with sex.

Other regular characters are Dithers (David Jason), Mildred (Josephine Tewson), Badger (Frank Gatiff) and Cook (Mary Baxter).

In addition to their 'regular' roles, Ronnie Barker and David Jason also played a variety of other characters in each episode.

Two of the writers used pseudonyms. 'Peter Caulfield' was really Alan Ayckbourn, while 'Gerald Wiley' was Ronnie Barker himself.

Series: 2
Episodes: 15
Transmitted: 1969-1970
Channel: ITV

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