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Episode Guide (Series 1)

Series:   1

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1: Edith (17 Oct 85)

Granny Fuddle (Jennifer Saunders) is told by her doctor that she has only nine months left to live. He suggests that she spends what little time she has left putting her affairs in order. Her four granddaughters were sent away mysteriously twenty years earlier. She sends her grandson Guy to look for them.

Also appearing:
Hugh Laurie (Jim)

2: Cassie (24 Oct 85)

Guy Fuddle goes to America in search of his long-lost sister Cassandra (Jennifer Saunders). She's now a TV soap star in Hollywood. Guy tries to talk her into returning to England with him.

Also appearing:
Helen Atkinson-Wood (Sandy), Lenny Henry (Hollywood Hobo), Christopher Ryan (Mell), John Sessions (Dean), Ruby Wax (Waitress)

3: Madeleine (31 Oct 85)

Guy goes to France in search of his sister Madeleine (Jennifer Saunders). She's studying with a poet named Delcroix, who's main aim in life is to seduce Madeleine. So far he's had no success whatever in achieving that aim. The village priest disapproves of the poet's lifestyle and wants to get him expelled from the village.

Also appearing:
Jim Broadbent (Delcroix), Rik Mayall (Priest), Nigel Planer (Barman), Gareth Hale (Village Man), Norman Pace (Village Man), Norman Lovett (Liverpool Ticket Man)

4: Joyce (7 Nov 85)

Guy finds his eldest sister Joyce (Jennifer Saunders) in a nunnery. She claims that she had a vision of the Virgin Mary when she was a child, so she vowed to become a nun when she grew up. Guy has a job to persuade her to leave the nunnery and return to Fuddlewich.

Also appearing:
Arthur Smith (Policeman), Una Stubbs (Mother Superior)

5: Roxanne (14 Nov 85)

Guy finds his youngest sister, Roxanne (Jennifer Saunders), in Long Mangle Prison. She's serving a 50-year sentence for letting herself be raped by a judge. Guy has to find a way of getting her out of jail.

Also appearing:
Ben Elton (Roland), Lance Percival (Colonel Soddem), Chris Langham (Reporter), Kieran Prendiville (Narrator), Sandi Toksvig (Joyce Nightstick), Carol Hawkins (Television PA), Keith Chegwin (Himself)

6: Reunion (21 Nov 85)

The day of the girls' return to Fuddlewich has arrived and Guy looks forward to a happy reunion. As the day unfolds, however, the truth about Granny Fuddle's intentions becomes clear. The reason the girls were orphaned twenty years earlier is also revealed. The Fuddle sisters set about getting their revenge on their Grandmother.

Also appearing:
Hugh Laurie (Jim)

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