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Hancock's Half Hour began as a radio programme in November, 1954. Ray Galton and Alan Simpson provided the scripts and the regular supporting cast included Sid James and Hattie Jacques. The programme ran until the end of 1959.

The TV programme began transmission in July, 1956. Galton and Simpson were once again the writers. Tony Hancock and Sid James were the regular cast. Other performers appeared irregularly, usually playing different characters each time.

Series 7, which included a number of all-time classic episodes, was broadcast with the programme name shortened to Hancock.

A further series of sitcoms, also titled Hancock, was broadcast by ATV in 1963. This lacked the writing talents of Galton and Simpson and therefore failed to reach the high standards of Hancock's BBC programmes.

Series: 7
Episodes: 63
Transmitted: 1956-1961
Channel: BBC-TV

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