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Doug Digby (Brian Conley) is a PE teacher with a sadistic streak. He divides his time between making his pupils as miserable as possible and chasing after English teacher Geraldine Titley (Amanda Holden).

Young Gordon Grimley (James Bradshaw) also fancies Miss Titley, but has little or no chance of success with her. He has to look on as the awful Mr Digby 'moves in' on his beloved.

Among the other regular characters are Neville Holder (Noddy Holder), Baz Grimley (Nigel Planer), Janet Grimley (Jan Ravens), Darren Grimley (Ryan Cartwright) and Lisa Grimley (Corrie Ann Fletcher).

The series is set in Dudley (West Midlands, England) during the mid-1970s.

In 2002, Granada America remade the programme as The Grubbs for the US market. Although the Fox TV network bought the programme, it was never transmitted.

Series: 3
Episodes: 24
Transmitted: 1997-2001
Channel: ITV

Granada Television

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