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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: "The Inheritance" (10 Jan 92)

Young Mr Grace dies while on holiday in the Caribbean with his nurse. He's left all of his money to a home for "fallen" women. The store has to close down.

The staff learn that Young Mr Grace has "invested" their pension fund money in a rundown country estate, Millstone Manor, in the village of Great Tender.

The staff decide to visit the manor house for the weekend.

Mr Humphries gets a surprise in his bedroom.

2: "Under Arrest" (17 Jan 92)

The staff decide to take over Millstone Manor and run it as a country hotel.

The estate has a small farm, run by Maurice Moulterd and his daughter Mavis. Mrs Slocombe visits the farm to collect some eggs and gets a nasty shock.

Captain Peacock and Mrs Slocombe borrow Mr. Moulterd's pony and trap so that they can visit the nearby village. During their journey, Mrs Slocombe tries to move a gypsy cart that is blocking the road. As a result, she and Captain Peacock end up in police custody.

The local fox hunt has its activities disrupted by Mrs Slocombe's pussy.

3: "The Court Case" (24 Jan 92)

Mrs Slocombe has to appear in court, charged with stealing a gypsy cart and speeding in it.

The staff travel to the courthouse on the back of Maurice Moulterd's pig cart. They act as character witnesses for Mrs Slocombe.

4: "Looking For Staff" (31 Jan 92)

Adverts for staff have resulted in very few applications.

A group of American tourists is due to arrive at the weekend, so it looks as if everyone will have to pitch in and help out.

The staff interview the two applicants who replied to Mr. Rumbold's job advertisement.

5: "Things That Go Bump In The Night" (7 Feb 92)

The staff decide to fill the vacant positions at the Manor themselves. They all gather for a photograph for the hotel brochure.

A ghostly apparation stalks the corridors of the manor during the night. An apparition with a bald head and big ears!

6: "American Tourists" (14 Feb 92)

A group of American tourists have arrived for the weekend.

The staff discover that they are expected to provide entertainment for their guests.

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