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Jo (Pauline Quirke) works in the head office of a toy company.

Her colleagues include Rod (Robert Daws), Simon (Neil Stuke) and Cheryl (Daniela Denby-Ashe).

Jo is capable and hardworking, though her colleagues assume (wrongly) that she makes progress at work by sleeping with Rod.

Rod is a workaholic who is often more or less oblivious to anything happening outside work. For example, his wife left him and he didn't notice for eight days!

Simon is having a "fling" with the office manager, Maxine (Pippa Haywood). The two think that they are being very discreet but, of course, everyone else at work knows all about it.

Cheryl is one of the leading "office gossips". She's one of the pople responsible for the fact that everyone knows (or thinks they know) everyone else's business.

Series: 1
Episodes: 6
Transmitted: 2001
Channel: BBC1

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