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Episode Guide (Series 1)

Series:   1

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1: Going Home (24 Feb 78)

Norman Stanley Fletcher says goodbye to Slade Prison and boards a train to London. On the train, he finds that one of his fellow travellers is Mr McKay. They have a drink together in the buffet. En route, an old acquaintance joins the train, carrying a holdall full of stolen goods. When he learns that the police may be waiting for the train, he tries to persuade Fletcher to take the loot. Fletcher doesn't want to know, so the stolen goods are unloaded onto Mr McKay. Fletcher comes to the rescue and persuades Mr McKay to abandon the incriminating evidence.

Also appearing:
Fulton Mackay (Mr Mackay), Timothy Bateson (Bar Steward), Milton Jones (Mr Lacey), Norman Jones (Mr Tanner), Bunny May (Mr Scotcher), Paul McDowell) (Prison Officer), Tony Osoba (McLaren), Michael Turner (Oaksey)

2: Going To Be Alright (3 Mar 78)

Fletcher is back at home with his daughter Ingrid and son Raymond. His wife has gone off to live with another man. Ingrid is involved with Flecher's old cellmate, Lenny Godber.

Fletcher's probation officer tries to talk him into getting a job. Fletcher thinks he can avoid having to do this if he digs up some loot he buried some years before. Ingrid and Godber do their best to save Fletch from himself.

Fletcher finally gets to the field where he buried the loot, only to find that a new housing estate has been built on top of it.

Also appearing:
Rowena Cooper (Shirley Chapman), Norman Hartley (Home Owner), Michael Stainton (Painter)

3: Going Sour (10 Mar 78)

Fletcher meets a teenage girl who's running away from home. He helps to put her back on the straight and narrow.

Also appearing:
Freddie Earle (Tony), Dave Hill (Arthur Boyle), Ron Pember (Percy), Roberta Tovey (Penny)

4: Going to Work (17 Mar 78)

Fletcher's probation officer finds him a job as a night porter in a small hotel. Fletch has never had a steady job before, so he begins to get cold feet. Just when it looks as if he's bottled out, he turns up for his first night at work.

Also appearing:
Elizabeth Cassidy (Pamela), Rowena Cooper (Shirley Chapman), Eric Francis (Barman), Vicky Spencer (Tourist), David Swift (Mr McQueen), Stephen Tate (Tourist)

5: Going, Going, Gone (31 Mar 78)

Fletcher recognises one of the hotel guests as Worm Wellings, a confidence trickster he was in prison with some years earlier. Wellings used to run an insurance scam in which a female accomplice would leave apparently valuable jewellery in a hotel safe, Wellings would steal it and the woman would demand (and receive) compensation for her stolen jewels.

When elederly Mrs Appleby books into the hotel and asks for her valuable jewellery to be put in the hotel safe, Fletcher becomes convinced that Worm Wellings is up to his old tricks.

Also appearing:
Lally Bowers (Mrs Appleby), Nigel Hawthorne (Worm Wellings), Rikki Howard (Cheryl), Martin Milman (Policeman), Donald Morley (Mr Smith), Peter Postlethwaite (Thomas Clifford Crowther), David Swift (Mr McQueen)

6: Going Off the Rails (7 Apr 78)

Fletcher finds himself helping the police with an identity parade. He meets up with an old acquaintance named Dave Pybus, who tries to talk him into taking part in a robbery.

Fletcher refuses to begin with, then discovers that his wife and her boyfriend are going to pay for the reception when his daughter Ingrid marries Lennie Godber. Fletcher needs money to make his contribution to the cost of the wedding, so he decides to take part in the roberry.

The robbery is planned for the morning of Ingrid's wedding. Fletcher turns up, planning to take part, but then has second thoughts.

Also appearing:
Bill Horsley (Man In Line-Up), Alfred Lynch (Dave Pybus), Val McCrimmon (Shop Assistant), Gwyneth Owen (Mrs Gilchrist), Robert Raglan (Inspector), Norman Scase (Casablanca), Royston Tickner (Sergeant)

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