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The Glums first appeared in a regular series of sketches during the 1950s in the BBC radio programme, Take It From Here.

In the radio version, Pa Glum (Jimmy Edwards) was a bad-tempered old boozer with a tendency to "rant and rave" at his gormless son, Ron (Dick Bentley). The other regular character was Ron's fiancee, Eth (June Whitfield).

The original series of sketches ended in March, 1960.

The family reappeared briefly in 1962 as part of Jimmy Edwards' BBC television series, Faces Of Jim.

In 1978, Frank Muir and Dennis Norden revived The Glums for a series of short sketches in an ITV variety programme, Bruce Forsyth's Big Night. Jimmy Edwards reprised his role as Pa Glum, with Ian Lavender and Patricia Brake taking over the roles of Ron and Eth.

A second series of programmes was screened in 1979, each programme consisting of new versions of two of the original radio scripts from the 1950s.

Series: 2
Episodes: 17
Transmitted: 1978-1979
Channel: ITV

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