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Episode Guide (Series 1)

Series:   1

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1: "Fired" (8 Apr 93)

Nick is earning a reasonable salary as a French teacher. Suddenly, he finds himself out of work. He goes out to drown his sorrows and meets Marge Payne (Wanda Ventham). She mistakes him for her paid escort and, at the end of the evening, pays him 300 pounds.

2: "Broke" (15 Apr 93)

Nick is out of work and broke again. Simon, who has been made redundant and is also penniless, suggests that Nick does some 'escort' work to help pay the rent.

3: "Bibi De Vere" (22 Apr 93)

Nick has arranged to be a paid escort to Bibi De Vere. She turns out to be quite mad. Meanwhile, Nick is wishing he could spend some time with Natalie.

4: "The Producer" (29 Apr 93)

Nick decides to join an escort agency to enable him to get more work. Then he meets a Hollywood producer and finds himself on the casting couch.

5: "Miss Morgan" (6 May 93)

Nick's latest client is Miss Morgan, who is extremely shy. He's becoming increasingly worried that Natalie will find out that he earns his living as a "gigolo".

6: "Turning Down Work" (13 May 93)

Nick wants a proper date with Natalie so much that he starts to turn down escort work.

7: "An Old Flame" (20 May 93)

Nick makes a determined effort to "get it together" with Natalie. Meanwhile, Simon meets up with an old flame.

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