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Martin Sweet (Ray Winstone) is a Thatcherite success story, building up a very profitable tailoring business. Then he overextends himself, the bank calls in his loans and his business goes to the wall. The posh house has to be sold and Martin takes his family to live in his dad's council flat.

Martin's wife Loretta (Carol Harrison) and his two daughters, down-to-earth Joanne (Michelle Cattini) and snobbish Eleanor (Kate Winslet) have to adjust to a radical change in lifestyle.

Other characters include Martin's brother Albert (Larry Lamb), his sister-in-law Prudence (Jane Booker) and his father Bernie (John Bardon)

The name of the series and all of the episode titles come from Beatles' songs. The names of the major characters are also taken from songs by The Beatles or by Wings.

Series: 2
Episodes: 15
Transmitted: 1992-1993

BBC Television
Alomo Productions

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