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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Moving On (6 Sep 76)

George and Mildred are forced to move house after they receive a compulsory puchase order. Mildred wants to move to a new house on a suburban estate, but George isn't keen on the idea.

2: The Bad Penny (13 Sep 76)

George and Mildred get a chance to meet the local Conservative MP. George is ordered to be on his best behaviour.

3: And Women Must Weep (20 Sep 76)

George is talked into applying for a job. Mildred gets the job instead.

4: Baby Talk (27 Sep 76)

Mildred has become very broody. She thinks about adopting a child, but she doesn't want to reveal her true age on the application form.

5: Your Money Or Your Life (4 Oct 76)

Mildred takes out an insurance policy on George. He's very worried because he's suddenly worth a lot more dead than he is alive.

6: Where My Caravan Has Rested (11 Oct 76)

Mildred's sister and her husband pay George and Mildred a visit.

7: The Little Dog Laughed (18 Oct 76)

George becomes very jealous about the amount of attention Mildred is giving her dog Truffles.

8: Best Foot Forward (25 Oct 76)

George breaks his leg and apparently it's Jeffrey Fourmile's fault. George threatens to sue Jeffrey unless he treats him better.

9: My Husband Next Door (1 Nov 76)

The Fourmiles are away on holiday and the Ropers are looking after their plants. George starts going round to watch their colour television. When the decorators turn up to start work on the Ropers' living room, they end up stripping all of the Fourmiles' posh new wallpaper by mistake. George and Mildred have to repair the damage before the Fourmiles return home.

10: Family Planning (8 Nov 76)

When George offers to have Mildred's mother to stay, it's obvious that he's got ulterior motives.

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