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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Working Girls (27 Feb 95)

A novelist named Ron Grimshaw wants Mandy to work for him as a researcher. Mandy thinks she's on the verge of a new career, until she finds that the only research Ron Grimshaw wants her to do involves the contents of his underpants. Matthew hires a prostitute as a surprise birthday present for Martin.

2: Matthew - A Suitable Case For Treatment (6 Mar 95)

While Mandy and Martin are out at work, Matthew spends his days eating pizza, watching videos and investigating the contents of Mandy's underwear drawer.

3: Bad Timing (13 Mar 95)

Martin is thinking of moving out of the flat and becoming a teacher, so Matthew gets busy sizing up potential female flatmates to take Martin's place. Mandy is getting tired of her latest relationship. She's been going out with Graham for nearly a week!

4: The Great Escape (20 Mar 95)

Mandy has a lot of debts, so an invitation to the Savoy and the possibility of a job in Bermuda might solve all of her problems. Matthew and Martin spend the evening dreaming of 'hot babes'.

5: Big Wednesday (27 Mar 95)

Martin can't get a girlfriend, so he's depressed. Then he meets Nancy, an American girl, in an Indian takeaway and asks her out. All goes well until Nancy invites Martin back to her flat and he realises that he doesn't have any condoms. He goes out to get some, but gets lost and can't find his way back to her flat. Mandy is going out with a famous boxer, but she isn't enjoying it. Matt is unhappy because his beloved surfboard has been damaged.

6: Fame (10 Apr 95)

Matthew is disturbed by loud music coming from a band practising in a flat upstairs. He goes up to complain, but ends up becoming the band's new lead singer. But how can he become a pop star if he can't venture outside the house?

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