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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Dish Of The Day (7 Mar 84)

Hester decides she needs to develop a wider range of interests.

2: Middle-Age Dread (14 Mar 84)

William is beginning to find Hester's mania for self-improvement rather wearing.

3: Hook, Line And Sink Her (21 Mar 84)

William goes fishing. Unfortunately, his wife and mother-in-law decide to go along too.

4: The Naked Truth (28 Mar 84)

One of William's business colleagues takes a fancy to Hester.

5: Des Det Res (4 Apr 84)

William decides that the house is too big now that he and Hester are on their own. He thinks about selling up and buying something smaller.

6: Something In The Oven (11 Apr 84)

William and Hester are in for a surprise from their daughter Emma. She's discovered that she's pregnant.

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