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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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First Of The Summer Wine (3 Jan 88)

May 1939

Clegg has to be helped home after a game of football with his cousin Brad.

Seymour calls on Miss Deborah Norbury to take her for a 'spin' in his car. Unfortunately, she gets oil on her dress and storms back into her house after a few minutes.

On Sunday, after church and tea, the lads go for a walk in the hills and encounter Foggy on guard duty.

After work the next day, the gang visit the local cinema before congregating at the Hygenic Fisheries.

1: Taller Exercises (4 Sep 88)

May 1939

Clegg meets Wally, who has started doing special exercises in a bid to become taller. He's hanging from the parapet of a bridge until he loses his grip and falls into the river.

Back at work, Wally and Compo join the lads In the Coop cellar for a 'fag break'.

That evening, the gang go to the cinema. In an effort to impress Nora, they hold Wally by the legs and dangle him over the balcony. All of them are thrown out.

2: The Just Doesn't Suit (11 Sep 88)

May 1939

Clegg and Sherbet have to deliver a roll of lino to the home of Miss Deborah Norbury. Seymour asks them to deliver a letter to the young lady.

When they try to make the delivery, Mrs Norbury insists that they have brought the wrong lino, so they have to return to the shop.

Mr Scrimshaw has to go out to a meeting, so he leaves Seymour in charge. He persuades Clegg to take his place so that he can help Sherbet to deliver the replacement lino to the Norbury's house.

While Seymour is away, Clegg has to measure a man for a new suit. He makes a complete mess of things. When the customer returns for a final fitting, the suit is two sizes too small.

3: The Way Of The Warrior (18 Sep 88)

May 1939

Clegg's dad is in a panic because his wife is dragging him off to the Co-op to buy a new suit.

Compo has annoyed Chunky Livesey and now lives in fear of retribution.

Mr Clegg goes to be measured for his new suit. He's surprised to learn that one of his shoulders is lower than the other.

Chunky Livesey catches up with Compo and arranges to meet him in the park after dark for a fight.

Compo 'persuades' Foggy to take his place. When Chunky turns up with a gang of his mates, the lads decide to beat a hasty retreat.

4: Snuff And Stuff (25 Sep 88)

May 1939

Clegg, Seymour and Sherbet suspect that Mr Scrimshaw is sneaking off to the gents' fitting room to take snuff. They wonder where he hides his snuff box.

The lads persuade Wally Batty to pretend to be a customer trying on some trousers. He bursts into the fitting room just in time to see Mr Scrimshaw hiding his snuff under the seat of a chair.

The boys put strong pepper in Mr Scrimshaw's snuff but it doesn't seem to have any effect on him. Next, they add mouse doppings. This doesn't seem to work either, though when Mr Scrimshaw gets home he can't understand why his cat is so interested in his moustache.

5: The Great Indoors (2 Oct 88)

May 1939

The lads decide to spend the weekend camping in the hills.

Foggy finds a place to pitch their tent - in a dilapidated barn.

They try to light a fire but only succeed in filling the barn with smoke.

They take a trip to the nearest pub. When they get back to the barn, they find it full of cows, so they decide to pack up and go home.

On the way home, they get Seymour to tow their handcart behind his car. His brakes fail and the car ends up in a ditch.

6: Youth Wanted (9 Oct 88)

May 1939

Mr Scrimshaw is advertising for a youth for light duties. Compo decides to apply for the job but Scrimshaw turns him down.

Clegg's mother helps Compo to smarten himself up and gives him one of her husband's old suits. Scrimshaw still doesn't think he's 'suitable' for a job at the Co-op.

Clegg, Sherbet and Seymour are having a 'fag break' in the cellar at the Co-op store. Compo joins them.

Two men from head office make a surprise visit to check on air-raid precautions. Mr Scrimshaw takes them down to the cellar where they find the lads in the middle of their break. The men from head office want to know what Compo is doing there. Clegg tells them that he's a new member of staff. Mr Scrimshaw is in no position to contradict him.

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