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A team of BBC journalists arrive in an African country, Karibu, to cover a developing conflict.

David Bradburn (Martin Jarvis) thinks of himself as the 'star' reporter and expects everything to revolve around him. Unfortunately, he doesn't always know exactly what's going on.

Jane Thomason (Doon Mackichan) is the BBC news producer. Her job is to keep everyone working safely and to find ways of managing an understaffed and under-resourced news team.

Harry Chambers (Bruce Mackinnon) is the young reporter who initially 'broke' the story about the impending war. He's now in danger of being pushed aside by more senior correspondents.

Other characters include radio reporter Margaret Hollis (Joanna Brooke) and cameraman Rory Wallace (Damian O'Hare).

Series: 1
Episodes: 7
Transmitted: 2009
Channel: BBC2

BBC Television

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