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Episode Guide (Series 1)

Series:   1

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1: "Dead Milkmen" (7 Jan 87)

Richie has problems with an outbreak of dead milkmen. He also finds himself involved in a paternity suit.

Also appearing:
Rupert Bates (Milkman), Lee Cornes (Dustman), Johanna Hargreaves (Cindy), Ceri Jackson (Nurse), Steve Kelly (Taxi driver), Helen Lederer (Doctor), Nick Maloney (Policeman), Michael Redfern (Policeman), Arthur Smith (Milkman), Barbara Windsor (Mum)

2: "Game Show" (14 Jan 87)

Richie appears on a TV game show with disastrous results. He also has trouble with a blackmailer. Eddie dabbles in the art world.

Also appearing:
Laura Allen (Panellist), David Baddiel (Art Bidder), Chris Barrie (Director), Alec Bregonzi (Waiter), Alice Douglas (Girl), Harry Enfield (Julian), Rupert Farley (Panellist), Hilda Fenemore (Charlady), Stephen Fry (P'Farty), Gareth Hale (Ivor Whopper), Steve Ismay (Panellist), Hugh Laurie (N'Bend), Glen McLaughlin (Panellist), The Nolans (Themselves), Herbert Norville (Extra Extra), Ann Queensberry (Director's Assistant), Lyn Rees (Art Bidder), Cheryl Taylor (Panellist)

3: "Dinner Party" (21 Jan 87)

Richie hosts a dinner party and gets arrested for shoplifting.

Also appearing:
Damaris Hayman (Lady), Dolly Highton (Girl On Checkout), Ken Parry (Spurty), Michael Redfern (Policeman), Patsy Smart (Old Woman)

4: "A Death In The Family?" (28 Jan 87)

It looks as if Richie's father is dying. Ralph sees a way to profit from his death. Then dad starts to get better, so murder might be necessary.

Also appearing:
Suzi Aitchison (Jill), Lynda Bellingham (Ms Tomkins), Perry Benson (Freddy Gorgeous), Brian Croucher (Landlord), David Lloyd (Rocky), Norman Pace (Eggy Guffer), Ron Pember (Shopkeeper), Mel Smith (Jumbo Whiffy)

5: "Breakfast Television" (4 Feb 87)

Richie appears on a breakfast television programme.

Also appearing:
Spencer Collins (Man In Club), Anne Diamond (Herself), Andy de la Tour (Club Boss), Michael Redfern (Policeman), Denise Ryland (Woman In Club)

6: "Smear Campaign" (11 Feb 87)

Richie and Eddie get involved with the gutter press and launch a major smear campain.

Also appearing:
John Bird (Dingo Wucker), Gareth Milne (Bill The Editor), Michael Redfern (Prison Officer), Midge Ure (Himself), John Wells (Judge)

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