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The exploits of the former members of form 5C after they have left Fenn Street Secondary Modern School.

Eric Duffy (Peter Cleall) and Sharon Eversleigh (Carol Hawkins) continue the up-and-down relationship they started at school, eventually marrying in the final series.

Frankie Abbott (David Barry) fancies himself as a "private investigator" but proves to be less than brilliant in his chosen profession. His girlfriend, Maureen Bullock (Liz Gebhardt), is training to be a nurse. Frankie continues to have problems with his mother (Barbara Mitchell).

Peter Craven (Leon Vitali, then Malcolm McFee) goes to work for local crook Stanley Bowler (George Baker).

This programme was a spin-off from Please Sir.

It subsequently gave rise to a spin-off of its own, Bowler.

Series: 3
Episodes: 47
Transmitted: 1971-1973
Channel: ITV

London Weekend Television

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