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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: A Touch Of Class (19 Sep 75)

Basil Fawlty wants to encourage a better class of clientele instead of 'the riff-raff we normally get in here'. When Lord Melbury arrives to stay, Basil is delighted. Unfortunately, Lord Melbury isn't exactly what he seems.

2: The Builders (26 Sep 75)

The Fawltys go away for a few days and leave Polly in charge. There's some rebuilding work to be done in the hotel lobby. Basil has arranged for O'Reilly to carry out the necessary work, while Sybil thinks it's being done by a reputable builder.

3: The Wedding Party (3 Oct 75)

Basil suspects that hanky-panky is going on in his rooms and goes to extremes to confim his suspicions.

4: The Hotel Inspectors (10 Oct 75)

Basil learns that a group of hotel inspectors is in town and becomes paranoid. He begins to suspect that the obnoxious guest he's been so rude to might be one of them.

5: Gourmet Night (17 Oct 75)

In a new attempt to raise the tone of the hotel, Basil decides to hold a Gourmet Night. It doesn't turn out quite the way he expected.

6: The Germans (24 Oct 75)

Sybil goes into the hospital to have an ingrowing toenail removed. Basil has to cope with a fire drill and a party of Germans unaided. His determination to avoid 'mentioning the war' has disastrous results.

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