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Roger Dervish (Robert Daws) is the pompous captain of a minor Sunday League cricket team.

He likes to think of himself as the 'driving force' behind the team, yet he isn't really much good at organisation.

Most of the real work is actually done by Roger's ever-efficient, long-suffering wife, Miriam (Brenda Blethyn).

Kevin Costello (Timothy Spall) is a bit of a slob. He's also probably the nearest thing Roger has to a friend.

Kevin is married to the lovely Maggie (Josie Lawrence), a very outgoing, affectionate woman. She adores Kevin and has a seemingly insatiable appetite for sex (as long as it's with Kevin).

This programme was based on Richard Harris's stage play, which had previously been televised in 1982 (with Paul Eddington as Roger, Prunella Scales as Miriam, Jonathan Lynn as Kevin and Maureen Lipman as Maggie).

Series: 3
Episodes: 22
Transmitted: 1994-1996
Channel: ITV

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