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John Lacey (Ralph Bates) is a mild-mannered schoolteacher who is married to Wendy (Wendy Alnutt), an overbearing, sexually-manipulative woman.

The couple have a son named Toby (William Bates) with whom John has a rather difficult, distant relationship.

One day John's wife announces that the marriage is over and throws him out of the house. He has to go and live in a seedy bedsit, although he still has to pay the mortgage on the family home.

With his life at a very low ebb, John decides to join the '1-2-1 Club', a support group for single, divorced and separated people.

Fellow members of the group include:

  • Kate (Belinda Lang), a three-time divorcee who has problems maintaining relationships
  • Kirk St Moritz (Peter Blake), a flamboyant and boastful man who favours white suits and "gold" jewellery
  • Ralph (Peter Denyer), a rather slow-witted, geeky character
  • Sylvia (Lucinda Curtis), a nervous divorcee with an irritating laugh

The club is run by Louise (Rachel Bell), a divorcee who seems to be obsessed with other people's sex lives ("Were there any sexual problems?").

Series: 2
Episodes: 14
Transmitted: 1986-1987
Channel: BBC1

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