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Chris Hawthorne (David Roper) and his wife Fliss (Diane Keen) are a young married couple with twin babies.

Chris works as a journalist on a local newspaper. He doesn't earn a great deal, so he and Fliss have to struggle to make ends meet.

Chris's best friend, Gavin (Lewis Collins), has to find somewhere else to live after separating from his wife. Chris offers him a room 'for a few days' and Gavin ends up as a semi-permanent lodger.

Unlike his landlord and landlady, Gavin has plenty of money and can afford to live 'the high life'.

After the third series was transmitted in 1977, there was a three-year gap before the fourth series was made. In this final series, Gavin has 'moved on' and has been replaced by a new tenant, Adrian Lockett (Ian Saynor).

Series: 4
Episodes: 26
Transmitted: 1975-1980
Channel: ITV

Granada Television

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