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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Suzy Arrives (20 Feb 97)

It's Suzy's first day as a teacher but none of her training has prepared her to cope with Galfast High School. She soon encounters Eric Slatt, the incompetent yet ambitious Deputy Headmaster, who manages to make a bad school worse. There are dead rats in the water tank, a dead teacher in one of the classroms and the pupils are revolting in every sense of the word.

2: "The Headship" (27 Feb 97)

Eric Slatt has applied for a headship and so has his current headmaster, Mr. Nixon. Eric is desperate to move away from Galfast High School, so he'll go to any lengths to make sure he gets a new job.

3: "Rumours & Leaks" (6 Mar 97)

A disillusioned pupil is interviewed on local radio and rumours begin to spread about Galfast High School. A television news crew turns up to investigate the rumours while the staff are having a meeting. Eric Slatt has finds himself trapped and in desperate need of a trip to the toilet.

4: "The Object Of Desire" (13 Mar 97)

One of the sixth formers at Galfast High School becomes a mother, but who is the father? Surely it can't be Eric Slatt? And who is 'Pumpman'?

5: "The Inspection" (20 Mar 97)

The school is about to be inspected, so Eric Slatt has started to panic. He becomes even more panic-stricken when he finds that all of the pupils have disappeared.

6: "Women And Football" (27 Mar 97)

Eric Slatt is worried when his mother threatens to pay a visit. He's afraid that details of his childhood, which he would rather keep hidden, will be revealed. He also has to cope with the annual football match between pupils and staff.

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