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A sitcom featuring the wonderfully miserable Uncle Mort (Robin Bailey) and the rest of the Brandon family.

Mr Brandon (John Comer) spends his days trying to avoid the sharp tongue of Mrs Brandon (Liz Smith). Carter Brandon (initially played by Stephen Rae, later by Keith Drinkel) wants to get through life with as little fuss and bother as possible, while his wife Pat (initially played by Anita Carey, then by Liz Goulding) wants her husband to become a "young executive".

Meanwhile, Uncle Staveley (initially played by Bert Palmer, later by Lesley Saroney) wanders around with his best mate's ashes in a cardboard box ("I 'eard that. Pardon!").

The programme was based on several novels by Peter Tinniswood - A Touch Of Daniel, I Didn't Know You Cared and Except You're A Bird.

Series: 4
Episodes: 27
Transmitted: 1975-1979

BBC Television

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