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Episode Guide (Series 1)

Series:   1

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1: The Pox (9 Sep 99)

Madame de Plonge bets Colombine that she can't seduce the young, handsome Marquis de Bonvie. Lisette suspects that it's all part of a "setup" to ruin her mistress.

Columbine learns that her elderly husband, Honoré has caught the pox.

2: Murder (16 Sep 99)

Columbine loses her fortune in a wager with the Marquise de Foufou.

When the Marquise de Foufou is brutally murdered, Columbine is the prime suspect.

3: The Portrait (23 Sep 99)

The finest portrait painter in France, Madame Vigeé - Lebrun, agrees to paint Columbine's protrait.

Columbine becomes a victim of the Marquis de Sade.

4: Making Voopee (30 Sep 99)

Columbine swears that she has been celibate for eight years. How, then, has she managed to get pregnant?

5: A Marriage Of Convenience (7 Oct 99)

Columbine's annual bath night is approaching and Lisette isn't looking forward to her mistress' ablutions.

Columbine's sister, Cecilie, is destitute and needs help from Columbine. The only help she gets is a suggestion that she should marry the Duke D'Onan, a repulsive man who prefers men to women.

6: The Royal Command Performance (14 Oct 99)

Marie Antoinette intends to prove her love for her husband by having sex with him in public.

Columbine intends to use the event as the venue for a final showdown with Madame de Plonge.

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