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Stan (Reg Varney) works as a bus driver for the Luxton And District Traction Company. Jack (Bob Grant) is his conductor.

They spend most of their time avoiding work and chatting up the 'clippies' (female bus conductors).

The bane of their life is the obnoxious Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis). He devotes much of his time trying (usually unsuccessfully) to ensure that Stan gets his bus out on time

Other regular characters include Stan's sister Olive (Anna Karen), her husband Arthur (Michael Robbins) and Stan's mum (Cicely Courtneidge, later Doris Hare).

Hammer Films made no fewer than three spin-off films: On The Buses (1971), Mutiny On The Buses (1972) and Holiday On The Buses (1973).

A spin-off TV series called Don't Drink The Water was made in 1974-75. It featured Stephen Lewis as ex-Inspector Blake.

Series: 7
Episodes: 74
Transmitted: 1969-1973
Channel: ITV

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