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The Boswell family, from Liverpool, are experts at 'working the system' and 'getting by'.

In spite of the fact that, on paper at least, none of them are employed, they manage to live a fairly good life with the help of Social Security payments and various 'jobs on the side'.

The undisputed head of the family is Nellie (Jean Boht), who has brought up her children without much help from her husband Freddie (Ronald Forfar), who spends most of his time chasing after 'Lilo Lil' (Eileen Pollock).

The 'men' of the family are Joey (Peter Howitt), Jack (Victor McGuire), Adrian (Jonathon Morris) and Billy (Nick Conway).

The Boswell's daughter, Aveline (Gilly Coman) dreams of being a top model.

At the end of series 4, Peter Howitt left the programme and was replaced by Graham Bickley. Gilly Coman also left, to be replaced by Melanie Hill.

Series: 7
Episodes: 74
Transmitted: 1986-1991
Channel: BBC1

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