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Arcady Hall, East Anglia, is a stately home owned by Lord Flamborough (Leslie Phillips). It's also the site of a long-forgotten research institution, The Department of Output Statistics. This was created to analyse material from foreign publications, but it doesn't actually seemed to have generated any worthwhile results.

Civil Servant Jasper Pye (Michael Maloney) is sent to the hall to compile a report on the activities of the institute. Within days of arriving, he's become amorously entangled with all three of Lord Flamborough's daughters - Matilda (Charlotte Williams), Belinda (Abigail Cruttenden) and Chloe (Cathryn Harrison).

Pye also encounters the research staff, Professor Pollux (Graham Crowden), Quirk (Stephen Moore) and Miss Mounsey (Amanda Root).

Series: 1
Episodes: 4
Transmitted: 1994

BBC Television
Theatre of Comedy
D L Taffner UK
New Penny Productions

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