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Montague 'Bootsie' Bisley (Alfie Bass) is demobbed from the Army and finds work as a handyman at the Imperial Club, a gentleman's club in the West End of London.

The hall porter at the club is Claude Snudge (Bill Fraser), previously the Sargeant Major in charge of Bootsie's unit at Nether Wallop Army Camp.

Other staff at the club include the Right Hon Sec, Hesketh Pendleton (Robert Dorning) and old Henry Beerbohm Johnson (Clive Dunn).

The final series, made after a long gap, involved Bootsie winning a million pounds on the pools. Claude Snudge turns up and appoints himself Bootsie's "financial advisor".

This programme was a 'spin-off' from The Army Game.

Series: 4
Episodes: 104
Transmitted: 1960-1974
Channel: ITV

Granada Television

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