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Ken Boon (Michael Elphick) and Harry Crawford (David Daker) used to work together as firemen in Birmingham, until Ken was invalided out and Harry took early retirement.

Some years later, Harry owns a seedy hotel, "The Grand", while Ken is living in an old caravan (called "The Ponderosa") and trying to set himself up as a market gardener.

Harry talks Ken into advertising his services as an 'odd job man'. Ken's new sideline quickly develops into a private investigation business.

In subsequent series, Harry buys a series of hotels and a ballroom, while Ken sets up a motorcycle delivery firm (The Texas Rangers) and a private investigation firm (Boon-Daly Investigations).

Later, Harry and Ken sell up and move to Nottingham and form Crawford-Boon Security.

Other regular characters include Rocky Cassidy (Neil Morrissey), Laura Marsh (Elizabeth Carling), Margaret Daly (Amanda Burton), Helen Yeldham (Brigit Forsyth) and Alex Wilton (Saskia Wickham).

Original transmission dates for programmes in the first few series tended to vary from one ITV region to another.

Series: 7
Episodes: 93
Transmitted: 1986-1995
Channel: ITV

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