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Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) is the owner of a bookshop. He has one major problem, however - he hates people, especially customers.

Given the way the dishevilled, ultra-irascible bookshop owner behaves towards his potential customers, it's something of a miracle that he ever manages to sell a single book.

Manny Bianco (Bill Bailey) is an accountant who hates his job. He meets up with Bernard during a drunken binge.

Under the influence of strong drink, Bernard offers Manny a job in the bookshop, something which he completely forgets by the next morning.

Manny turns up for his first day at work and Bernard reluctantly agrees to stand by his drunken promise.

To Bernard's surprise (and annoyance), Manny proves to be a 'natural' at selling books, being nice to customers and selling an impressive amount of the shop's stock on his first day.

Series: 3
Episodes: 18
Transmitted: 2000-2004
Channel: Channel 4

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