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Andrew Oldfield (Timothy West) and his wife Alice (Sheila Hancock) live in the middle of a row of terraced houses. Each day, as bedtime approaches, they talk about the events of the day.

In the first series, young parents Paul Newcombe (Stephen Tompkinson) and his wife Stacey (Claire Skinner) live on one side of the Oldfields, while actress Sapphire (Emma Pierson) lives on the other. She's in the middle of am affair with TV personality Gulliver (David Gillespie).

In the second series, the neighbours on one side are young couple Simon (Kevin McNally) and Faith (Doon Mackichan), while the other neighbour is Neil Henshaw (Alun Armstrong).

Series: 3
Episodes: 15
Transmitted: 2001-2003
Channel: BBC1

BBC Television
Hat Trick Productions

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