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Barbara Liversidge (Gwen Taylor) is a blunt, opinionated Yorkeshirewoman in her fifties who works as a receptionist at a doctor's surgery. She's married to Ted (Sam Kelly), a mild-mannered cab driver who has long since learned that there's not much point in arguing with his wife.

Son Neil (Benedict Sandiford) still lives with his parents and is beginning to think he'll never "escape" from home. Daughter Linda (Elizabeth Carling) is married to Martin Pond (Mark Benton), front man of a local TV current affairs programme called "Pond Life".

Other regular characters include Barbara's sister Jean (Sherrie Hewson) and fellow receptionist, Doreen (Madge Hindle).

The pilot formed part of a series called Comedy Firsts, shown in 1995.

There were several major changes between the pilot and the series. The parts of Martin, Linda and Jean were recast. The spelling of Barbara's surname changed from "Liversage" to "Liversidge". The surname of Martin and Linda also changed (from "Benson" to "Pond"). Martin's job changed from chef to TV presenter.

Series: 4
Episodes: 29
Transmitted: 1995-2003
Channel: ITV

Central Television
Carlton Television

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