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A group of National Service conscripts are based in Hut 29, Surplus Ordinance Depot, Nether Wallop, Warwickshire.

Corporal Springer (Michael Medwin) is an East End wide boy, forever dreaming up ways of avoiding work and making Army life more enjoyable.

His colleagues include Private 'Bootsie' Bisley (Alfie Bass), Private 'Cupcake' Cook (Norman Rossington), Private 'Professor' Hatchett (Charles Hawtrey) and Private 'Popeye' Popplewell (Bernard Bresslaw).

Sgt Major Bullimore (William Hartnell) does his best to keep 'the shower' in some sort of order. Later, he's replaced by Sgt Major Snudge (Bill Fraser).

Later recruits include Corporal 'Flogger' Hoskins (Harry Fowler), Lance Corporal 'Moosh' Merryweather (Mario Fabrizi), Private Bone (Ted Lune), Private Dooley (Harry Towb), Private Baker (Robert Desmond) and Private 'Chubby' Catchpole (Dick Emery).

Among the officers are Major Upshot-Bagley (Geoffrey Sumner), Captain Pilsworthy (Bernard Hunter), Captain Pocket (Frank Williams) and Major Duckworth (C B Poulter).

Series: 5
Episodes: 154
Transmitted: 1957-1961
Channel: ITV

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