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RAF efficiency expert Flight Lieutenant Harrison (Chris Lang) is sent to an RAF early warning station in the wilds of Scotland.

The base was designed to house three hundred men, but over the years the staff has dwindled to just two.

There's Wing-Commander Campbell-Stokes (Roger Blake), the rather dotty commanding officer, who is assisted by Airman Tench (Felix Bell).

Harrison decides to recommend closure of the base, but changes his mind when he takes a fancy to local schoolteacher Eilidh Guthrie (Zoe Eeles). She tells him that the village school, which only has a single pupil, will lose its grant and be forvced to shut down if the base is closed.

As a result of Harrison's report, it's decided that the staff at the base needs to be increased by one. Since Harrison is already in the area, the RAF decide that he should remain there.

Series: 1
Episodes: 6
Transmitted: 1999

BBC Television

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