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Colin (Jasper Carrott) and his wife Rupinder (Meera Syal; Nina Wadia) try to cope with family life in a Midlands town, bringing up their children from previous marriages and their own newly-born infant.

Colin is a builder who has a deep-seated hatred of architects.

Other characters include Raj (Jamil Dhillon), Sima (Natalia Keery-Fisher), Peter (Ryan Cartwright), Kavita (Alina Iqbal) and Leo (Robert Cartin).

In the third series, Colin sets up an architectural salvage business with his friend Billy (Jonty Stephens) and the Craddocks have new neighbours, Charles (Richard Lumsden) and Miranda (Amanda Root).

Series: 3
Episodes: 22
Transmitted: 2002-2004
Channel: BBC1

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