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Jane Lucas (Maureen Lipman) is a successful 'agony aunt' working on a phone-in programme on "Happening Radio 242" and writing a regular column in "Person Magazine".

In spite of the fact that she spends most of her time advising other people how to deal with relationship problems, she finds it extremely difficult to cope with her own marital difficulties.

Her psychiatrist husband Laurence (Simon Williams) is an unreliable, philandering ex-public schoolboy. Her widowed Jewish mother Bea (Maria Charles) tries to interfere in every aspect of Jane's home life. Her boss at the magazine, Diana (Jan Holden) is almost impossible to work for.

Other characters include vain radio DJ, Andy Evol (Peter Blake), office secretary Val (Diana Weston) and gay couple Rob (Jeremy Bulloch) and Michael (Peter Denyer).

A sequel called Agony Again was made for BBC Television in 1995.

A US 'translation' (The Lucie Arnaz Show) was made in 1985. It only ran for six episodes.

Series: 3
Episodes: 20
Transmitted: 1979-1981
Channel: ITV

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